Safety, Stability, Security – In God Alone


I’ve searched for you

Lifetimes of pining

And wondering if you even exist.


Wandering around dark corridors

And tiptoeing thru rooms of apprehension

Did I belong?

Was I good enough?

Would I be rejected?

And often times was…


Reclusive and different

I fell into the world

And found a sort of safety there.

A safety of low expectations,

And limited judgments.

So I stayed and attempted a life to build.


Each layer of foundation built with sticks


Each wall erected for a home to make

Was blown & storm tossed.

Safety, stability, security

Proved an elusive beast to capture.


My hopes and dreams

Built on worldly standards

Proved shaky.

Trading accolades & superiors’ praises

For my self-worth and value.

And when those departed

So did my value of self.





I began accumulating things.

Clothes and shoes and cars…

Such things that filled out lives.

Thinking more equaled a better life.

Thinking myself better off than others.

I had more stuff and managed to maintain it.

Bills paid. Food provided. Plus luxuries.

Added to another month of supposed stability.

Never mind the empty bank account.

And the weeks of struggling until the next pay check.

Knowing and experiencing that any disturbance,

Such as a car crash

Or a loss of wages

Could and would and did

Derail our train.

Reality steps in crushing the façade of stability.




Security found in people

I’d found none.

People change.

Decisions fueled by selfish desires

In the end they searched for the same thing I did.

I could not rest in them.


Without a clear realization

I’d spent a lifetime searching

For a person, place, or thing

That gave me a complete sense of security.

A noun that I could crawl inside

And hide therein

And somehow, finally find rest.


I’ve found in God

My place of safety.

My only security.

And stable ground to stand on.


I’ve found in God

My soul is at rest.



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