Safety, Stability, Security – In God Alone


I’ve searched for you

Lifetimes of pining

And wondering if you even exist.


Wandering around dark corridors

And tiptoeing thru rooms of apprehension

Did I belong?

Was I good enough?

Would I be rejected?

And often times was…


Reclusive and different

I fell into the world

And found a sort of safety there.

A safety of low expectations,

And limited judgments.

So I stayed and attempted a life to build.


Each layer of foundation built with sticks


Each wall erected for a home to make

Was blown & storm tossed.

Safety, stability, security

Proved an elusive beast to capture.


My hopes and dreams

Built on worldly standards

Proved shaky.

Trading accolades & superiors’ praises

For my self-worth and value.

And when those departed

So did my value of self.





I began accumulating things.

Clothes and shoes and cars…

Such things that filled out lives.

Thinking more equaled a better life.

Thinking myself better off than others.

I had more stuff and managed to maintain it.

Bills paid. Food provided. Plus luxuries.

Added to another month of supposed stability.

Never mind the empty bank account.

And the weeks of struggling until the next pay check.

Knowing and experiencing that any disturbance,

Such as a car crash

Or a loss of wages

Could and would and did

Derail our train.

Reality steps in crushing the façade of stability.




Security found in people

I’d found none.

People change.

Decisions fueled by selfish desires

In the end they searched for the same thing I did.

I could not rest in them.


Without a clear realization

I’d spent a lifetime searching

For a person, place, or thing

That gave me a complete sense of security.

A noun that I could crawl inside

And hide therein

And somehow, finally find rest.


I’ve found in God

My place of safety.

My only security.

And stable ground to stand on.


I’ve found in God

My soul is at rest.






Blog Priorities This Year: Reflect Personal Goals

1. Daily Bible Insights = Seeking God Daily

2. Random Thoughts Post = Sharing More

3. Personal Moments = Be more personal and present

4. Health updates = Healthier Lifestyle Pursuit

5. Writing & Singing = Be Diligent with Talents

I Made It

A year in review.
I’ve come to its completion.
Changes abounded
So many I never imagined
And though they be tough
They are leading me
To God’s best for me.

Through the stretching
And the pulling
The pressing
And the beating
I made it.

Not on my own
But his strength upheld me.
His work in me built trust
Increased faith
And caused me to believe
The impossible.

Where to now?
Only God knows.
Anointed for this time.
I rest in him.

Gear up!

Gear up!
Prep time is over.
The year of action is at hand.

Fix your eyes on Him.
Set goals.
Be faithful in discipline.

Don’t back down in adversity.
No one said it would be easy.
But it is possible
As God makes all things possible.

It will be worth it.
You will live your best life yet.

Good Measure

It will be given to you…
Good measure.

Meaning even when
Don’t pull back your hand
Don’t withdraw generosity.

And in your need
Without request
Provision will be
Made for you.

Overflow in kindness
Despite your circumstance
And love, mercy, humility, and compassion
Will find you.

The Meaning

It’s not the things.
Although they are good reminders
That you were thought of,
That you are loved.

No, it’s in the moments of gratitude.
In the smiles of appreciation
It’s in the spreading of those
Precipitous moments
That make us realize
There is a God.

And He loves you.
Yes, He is love.

Let’s use this time…
This season…This day…
To help spread the truth
Held in this feeling.
The Savior came,
And brought salvation
Here for all!

God Resolutions

A week left in 2015.
I think I’ll start my New year goals early.
Seeking His face.
And waiting…

God makes no mistakes.
So before I get ahead of myself
And rush off into my ideas
Of planning my future.

I realize I’m not qualified for that.
So I seek the One who knows
The end from the beginning.
Who wrote all my days down
Before I was born.

Humbled I ask.
Lord, please guide me
And my family
To the life you’ve planned for us
One day at a time.

All Sufficient

A thorn in my side…
My grace is sufficient.
But this is uncomfortable…
My grace is sufficient.
This is too hard…
My grace is sufficient.
I’ve done all that I can do…
My grace is sufficient.
Now help me to rest in you.


Bearer of good news.
Running through my neighborhood
I just know you’re heading my way.
To my front door or mailbox
You’ll stand
And blow the rams horn.
Signaling good tidings
Of blessings to follow your arrival.

You say to me,
God’s heard your prayers
And granted them.
Do you receive it?

Yes, I say.
But the truth was that
I’d received it in my spirit
Before I’d even prayed it.

Now here you are
Herald, at my door
Telling me things I’ve already known
But your presence brings joy
For what I held in hope
Has finally come in reality!