Got Milk?

This past week was rough. Our newborn wasn’t sleeping much, therefore, I wasn’t sleeping much. But it was more than that. He was cranky, gassy, kept spitting up, and developed a new rash. It got worse…I soon saw blood in his poop. What?!

Bring in the pediatrician, who informs me that my son may have a cow’s milk allergy. This was news, being that he is exclusively breastfed. But then I thought about it, I’d recently ramped up my milk intake thinking it beneficial for the baby. Turns out not only was I hurting my-lactose intolerant-self, I was also hurting my baby. My son was gaining weight, but my diet was hurting his stomach. The doctor told me to completely cut out dairy…and she meant everything (even things made with milk). That meant no pancakes, biscuits and a lot of other things I really liked. Continue reading


Old Habits Die Hard

Pie Slice-2-4-16

It’s February…and I’ve gotten nowhere.

Sure, I had a handful of conscientious moments where I’d only put one spoonful of sugar in my morning coffee. But for the most part, my highs of abstaining from eating a slice of birthday cake or from skipping dessert were quickly demolished by the lows. Those moments of weakness where I go grocery shopping and after purposely skipping the cakes and cookies aisle I soon make a U-turn and buy not only brownies and cookies but also a personal apple pie. Yes, my pie…though I’d told no one of this fact. The lowest point being how ridiculous I feel when I’ve finished the pie myself (not all in one sitting but in a short time), and my husband comes looking for dessert and is shocked that the pie is already gone…

Continue reading

Healthing Living Update


One of my primary goals in  2016 was to implement healthier eating habits. More specifically to do something drastic by eliminating all sugars from my diet. I’ve played around with this idea for many years, often making excuses. It’s too hard to cut out sugars, they’re in everything. I’ll cut out other candy but I can’t stop eating chocolate. Or even thinking, maybe sugar doesn’t affect me as badly as everyone else since I’ve eaten it excessively all my life and have had no repercussions so far.

Well, it’s time to stop entertaining the lies and excuses! First off, I come from a family riddled with diseases and health issues as a result of a poor diet. My family members suffer from the following list of health issues: diabetes, heart disease, thyroid malfunctions, high blood pressure, and numerous issues with our teeth. Although I already deal with hypothyroidism, I know that it would benefit my overall health and help to prevent me from developing any of the other listed health issues by changing my diet now.

I am lover of all things sweet and therein lies my downfall. How to curb the addiction? I would ideally like to stop eating all sugary foods (pastries, candy, ice cream, etc.) and cut out adding refined white sugars to anything I normally would (such as coffee, tea, and some cereals). But at the idea of cleaning out my pantry and refrigerater and chucking anything with sugar in it, I hit a brick wall. I have a husband (who has adamantly stated he is not signing on to my health kick) and three children, who will refuse to eat if I don’t give them the things that taste good. For the most part I’ve incorporated healthier food choices in the snacks we eat and low fat/whole wheat options to dinners as well as making veggies a primary part of every dinner. But how do I get them to the point where a snack is some celery and carrot sticks? After making my ten year old son eat an apple, he then told me that was not a snack and proceeded to eat a bowl of Doritos. 

Time to retrain our thinking:



Affirmations help, but action is key. First thing I need to do is pray, getting God’s perspective on the matter and the best plan to tackle the obstacle is necessary. As Christ said, “…apart from me you can do nothing.” So me creating plans without consulting the one who knows and who is leading me according to His plan for my life is a waste of time.

Heavenly Father, thank you for leading me and encouraging me to want to live a healthier lifestyle. Please help me as the primary person that buys the food and makes the meals for our family to incorporate healthy food choices, and find food substitutes that will make our transition to cutting out bad foods from our diet easier on everyone. Most importantly, please give us the want to and the willpower to stick to a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for Your grace as it enables us to do all things…even eat healthy foods and like it. I know it is for our good. In Jesus name, Amen.

Update: Thus far I’ve added a green shake everyday to my meal plan, and I use the MyFitnessPal calorie counting app to help me keep track of what I am eating throughout the day. It tracks not only calories, but sugars, proteins, and other nutrients, which is important. I can set limits and it reminds me when I am near said limit. I’ve reduced adding sugar to tea, but have eliminated it from coffees and cereals. I have good days and bad days with the other sugary foods. It may be harder than I initially thought, but I know the health benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of the change process. I just need to keep at it, and setting monthly goals may help also. I’ll let you know how it goes. What tricks or changes worked for you? Be blessed.