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Blog Priorities This Year: Reflect Personal Goals

1. Daily Bible Insights = Seeking God Daily

2. Random Thoughts Post = Sharing More

3. Personal Moments = Be more personal and present

4. Health updates = Healthier Lifestyle Pursuit

5. Writing & Singing = Be Diligent with Talents

I Made It

A year in review.
I’ve come to its completion.
Changes abounded
So many I never imagined
And though they be tough
They are leading me
To God’s best for me.

Through the stretching
And the pulling
The pressing
And the beating
I made it.

Not on my own
But his strength upheld me.
His work in me built trust
Increased faith
And caused me to believe
The impossible.

Where to now?
Only God knows.
Anointed for this time.
I rest in him.

Gear up!

Gear up!
Prep time is over.
The year of action is at hand.

Fix your eyes on Him.
Set goals.
Be faithful in discipline.

Don’t back down in adversity.
No one said it would be easy.
But it is possible
As God makes all things possible.

It will be worth it.
You will live your best life yet.

Newborn Eyes

I go home tomorrow.
To create there a new normal.
One in which I now have
Three children instead of two.
And a new family dynamic.

We welcome in
A baby boy
And excitedly wait to watch,
To live vicariously
Through his discovery
Of the place we’ve called home.

Baby boy
With love,
With renewed wonder
We watch you
As you discover the world.
And remind us
Of the beauty in each day
We now take for granted.

Scars of a Battle Lost

Heavy lids
And dark circles
Tell a story of
A failed attempt.
I tried giving
My greatest efforts.
And found I fell short,
But it doesn’t make me a failure.

The scars I wear,
Exhaustion, under eye bags,
And various aches
Remind me
I am brave,
And willing to try.

In those efforts
I can hold my head up high.

Do Your Part

I worked like a motor today.  
I did my part. 

I exercised things that promoted 



Turned off. 

I ate. 

Went to the bathroom. 

And brought a fresh cup of coffee. 

Nothing left to distract or disturb me. 

Once my butt was planted in the seat. 

I reminded myself of the anointing

He’s gifted me. 

And of all of God’s promises. 

And I thanked him for his grace 

Which allows me to be more. 

Then I sat and wrote

Until it was finished. 

And knew without a doubt. 

It was by God’s grace alone

That the task was completed. 

To God be all the Glory. 

I am but a tool in the Author’s hand. 


Breathe in. 
Remember what got you here. 

The drive it took. 

The sacrifices. 

You can tell yourself you want it more than others. 

But what really works

Is taking stock of how far you’ve come. 

Unable to see the finish line. 

You know the only option is to keep going. 

To never give up. 

What was hard in the beginning

Comes easy now. 

Celebrate each step of victory. 

And mark the next target. 

What you need is already in you. 

Even the tenacity it takes to keep pulling the skills out. 

Tomorrow is another day. 

Breathe out.