Ode to My Valentine

Love lifted me.
I understand the words now.
In a life of very little kindness
I sought love.
Only finding it when I’d quit looking.
And even ceased to value it.
There it was
In you.

Buoyant in love
I brave stormy seas.
Together we can make it.
No fear of sinking.
Since love lifted me.


The Meaning

It’s not the things.
Although they are good reminders
That you were thought of,
That you are loved.

No, it’s in the moments of gratitude.
In the smiles of appreciation
It’s in the spreading of those
Precipitous moments
That make us realize
There is a God.

And He loves you.
Yes, He is love.

Let’s use this time…
This season…This day…
To help spread the truth
Held in this feeling.
The Savior came,
And brought salvation
Here for all!

Newborn Eyes

I go home tomorrow.
To create there a new normal.
One in which I now have
Three children instead of two.
And a new family dynamic.

We welcome in
A baby boy
And excitedly wait to watch,
To live vicariously
Through his discovery
Of the place we’ve called home.

Baby boy
With love,
With renewed wonder
We watch you
As you discover the world.
And remind us
Of the beauty in each day
We now take for granted.

Welcome baby

A special gift
I had a hand in making.
To deliver
At the right time,
In the right way.

Now here you are.
So much more than
I’d ever expected.

To say I’m thankful
Wouldn’t do it justice.
I am overflowing
With gratitude,
With abundant love,
With awe and wonder!

Welcome baby Justin!

Lean On Me

A warm blanket
Some cozy socks
Hot chocolate with marshmallows
And a book with a happy ending
Or a movie, a family-oriented love story.

Are all things I associate with comfort.
I’m frequently a self soother.

But there are so many things
Of this world,
About myself
That I am unable to remedy
No comfort to be found
In me…
In others.

I thank you, Lord.
For in these moments
Of inconsolable need.
You adorn me with peace
And unconditional love,
Such that there is no judgment.
Such that I know it will be alright.

You say to me,
Trust me.
Lean on me.
I am your comfort.
I will not fail you.

Let Your Light Shine

And so love abounds
In places where fear
Tried to take root.
Where hate tried
To build fortresses
And despair dug
In it’s hooves.

Hope like a distant beacon
Flickers it’s dim light
Upon the hill.
There is reason to hope
For a better way of life
For a better world for our children
That flicker burns brighter
As we look upon it
And set our hearts toward it.

We become the hope
This world so desperately needs.

My Heart Overflows with Gratitude 

Blessings on blessings
Are flowing my way

And I’m in awe

Just starting to believe it. 

Have I found favor in your sight?

Or is it just because you love me?

I feel it’s because you love me

That you show me favor. 

For a time I thought I was lost. 

Forgotten to fall in a dismal circumstance. 

Yet again, Lord you show yourself faithful

Merciful, father who provides more

Than I know to ask for. 

You’ve allowed me favor everywhere I go

In the most unlikely places

And from the most unlikely people. 

My heart overflows with gratitude. 

Praying that I’ll be enabled to pay it forward. 

Blessed to be a blessing!

The Only 

The only light seen in darkness
The only kindness in an outstretched hand

The only love witnessed in my actions

The only hope shared amongst friends

The only peace to a tortured soul

The only Christ seen in a hopeless world. 

If I am to be that for you,

For anyone…

Count it all to His glory. 

Storing up my treasures in heaven.