Blog Priorities This Year: Reflect Personal Goals

1. Daily Bible Insights = Seeking God Daily

2. Random Thoughts Post = Sharing More

3. Personal Moments = Be more personal and present

4. Health updates = Healthier Lifestyle Pursuit

5. Writing & Singing = Be Diligent with Talents


To Edit

I took a look at you today. 
And found you could use

Much improvement.
Passive voice

Overuse of adverbs

Repetitive homonyms
And somehow I managed

To use the word “was”

44 times in one chapter. 
Laid bare and under

The examining fluorescent light

I see the flaws

I’d ignored during the flow

Of writing. 
Now I must dissect…

Now I must chop…

Now to take the unholy red knife

To the pages I’ve worked so hard on. 
For others to be able to see the finished work

I must strip away the errors that hinder the story. 

Thought I Knew 

I thought I knew you. 
I’ve based life plans on the idea. 

Of who you are to me…

Who you were to me. 

And now having found

That you are a lie. 

How do I rebound from the loss?

How do I rebuild from the betrayal?
I remind myself of God’s infinite love for me. 

I read Romans 8 and meditate on it. 

Reminded that no betrayal, or rejection, 

No trouble, or calamity, 

Nothing created nor experienced

Can take God’s love away from me!!
I am comforted. 

I am at peace. 

Still I mourn the loss

Of who you were to me. 

Bob Marley

“Lively up yourself
And don’t be no drag.”
An encourager through music was he.
A much needed spirit lifter.
When I look at the people of Jamaica…
Hard labor for low wages.
Farming, and selling goods for daily survival.
Songs of redemption and pride.
Singing mama, wife, daughter,
“no woman, no cry,”
I would afford you a better life, if I could.
“Don’t worry about a ting,
Cause every little ting is gonna be alright.”
And so it shall.
Remind the people that God sees all.
Trust Him.
He will bring justice.
Do not fear or worry about anything.
Keep up your head.
You were built for the very course you are on.
“One love, one heart.
Let’s get together and feel alright.”
We are all in this same struggle.
For life, justice, peace, and happiness in a broken world.


Hi everyone!

Happy Sunday (in EST, anyway).

Wanted to give you a brief update on things. First off, I thoroughly enjoyed that week off back in February. I was able to write, and in such a way that I was not rushed only steeped in it. I was able to be present with my family. We did such activities that were altogether as well as those that allowed me one-on-one time with my spouse and children individually. Its amazing to see how much of a self-esteem booster it is for a person to know that you are completely there with them. Actively listening to his/her thoughts, and patiently waiting as he/she processes their next thought. To not be rushed in being with a person is a gift. I encourage you all to please try to be present for each person you encounter. It can make a world of a difference.

This week further emphatically brought home the direction I feel God is leading me. That is to not be stretched thin across a lot of different focuses, but only to re-prioritize and solely focus on those most important. The priorities for me are God first, and deepening my spiritual walk with Him. Taking care of myself and my family. And using my time most wisely in accomplishing what God has called me to do, which is to sing and to write. All for His Glory!

Also, I’ve finally completed the About Me page for my blog. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about Stasie that’s the place to go!

Until our next encounter, be encouraged! We are all in this together…flaws and all!



It will never be enough

But give anyway. 


Until your insides are on the out.

The pain will be unbearable.

Love anyway. 


Even when it seems like it makes

No difference.

Try anyway.


You will be repaid.

You will be loved thoroughly and without pain.

You will see the fruits of your labor.

How to save a life

I called you. 

No answer. 

Same as last week. 

No answer. 

Where despair and loneliness leave you

That’s where I’ll reach you. 

I’ll lift you. 

Physically, spiritually, emotionally. 

If only I could find you. 

Thoughts of your pain haunt me. 

Pictures of you in dark places

Some real. Some in your mind. 

Can I send you a lifeline?

Can I be that for you sometime?

When a life tragically fades to black

People like to say

“No one could save him. 

He didn’t want to be saved.”

That reasoning may comfort you, but

I don’t buy. 

Everyone wants to be saved

We just have to find the means

To get through to them. 

I dare not look away. 

Can’t spare another moment. 

Time is fleeting and chances are few. 

My brother’s burdens are mine too. 

If I can, then I will. 

Help me Lord,

To save you. 

Encourage me

We all need it. 

Though it be lacking

All around, everyday. 

Drowning in negativity

The world raging to 

Tamp out hope. 

Any hope.

It’s better, more acceptable

To have none. 


Please dream on!

It’s Hope visualized. 

Lived out in the subconscious. 

Snatch that dream 

And wrestle with it. 

Drag it into the real world. 

Be the one who lives your dream. 

Give people a reason to hope. 

I’m in need of it. 

Encouragement that is. 

But I’m prepared to give it. 

To dole out kind words of “never give up.”

To a starving world. 

In lavish proportion.

I need it. 

So I be it. 

Same as when positivity is needed 

You show up bringing the positive. 

Happiness needed 

You bring it. 

You be the change. 

I will encourage you. 

All of you. 

Without limiting, without end. 

Until one day, you will 

Encourage me. 

Be still my heart

Oh oh oh oh oh…
Be still my heart. 

Clever darling, smile so bright. 

Were I to touch that quirk on the right

Corner of your mouth

A tingle is the least of it. 

And eyes dance as they meet

A pair of chocolate orbs swim

And disappear in the twin pools

Of mine charcoal black. 

Oh oh oh oh oh…
Be still my heart. 

I equate the warmth of the sun

To you. 

Like an overwhelming swell of rushing waves are

To you. 

I equate the joyful anticipation of Christmas morning 

To you. 

All in how you make me feel. 

Were I to draw your face

I’d emphasize the singular dimple

That marks your left cheek. 

How often I smile just to see it

When you like a mirror

Smile back at me. 

Oh oh oh oh oh…
Be still my heart.

Me oh my

My how I’ve grown. All my fingers and toes have extended as I’ve lengthened. But for all the height I’ve gained, all I’ve mentally added was strain. Innocence and naivety traded for knowledge, judgment, and accountability.

Oh how I’d craved this as a youth…to be older. I didn’t know I’d grow colder. I had no idea that the world had an effect on my joy and happiness. And each year as I added another candle to my cake I’d revel and quake at the joyous prospect of my fate as an adult.

With the age comes knowledge and wisdom. With it a love of my own, one chosen and not by happenstance. And a life lived with clear direction and not one of free-floating random chance. What I wanted then is not what I want now. Me. Oh my have I grown.