Bearer of good news.
Running through my neighborhood
I just know you’re heading my way.
To my front door or mailbox
You’ll stand
And blow the rams horn.
Signaling good tidings
Of blessings to follow your arrival.

You say to me,
God’s heard your prayers
And granted them.
Do you receive it?

Yes, I say.
But the truth was that
I’d received it in my spirit
Before I’d even prayed it.

Now here you are
Herald, at my door
Telling me things I’ve already known
But your presence brings joy
For what I held in hope
Has finally come in reality!


Let Your Light Shine

And so love abounds
In places where fear
Tried to take root.
Where hate tried
To build fortresses
And despair dug
In it’s hooves.

Hope like a distant beacon
Flickers it’s dim light
Upon the hill.
There is reason to hope
For a better way of life
For a better world for our children
That flicker burns brighter
As we look upon it
And set our hearts toward it.

We become the hope
This world so desperately needs.

The Only 

The only light seen in darkness
The only kindness in an outstretched hand

The only love witnessed in my actions

The only hope shared amongst friends

The only peace to a tortured soul

The only Christ seen in a hopeless world. 

If I am to be that for you,

For anyone…

Count it all to His glory. 

Storing up my treasures in heaven. 

Humility Lesson

I told a friend a secret today. 
Something I held close to my heart. 

It mattered more than a hidden vice or sin. 

A lifelong aspiration revealed

Praying that she’d be kind enough

To realize its importance

And not shoot it down. 

She received it with reverent silence

As if holding something precious. 

Not a mean word uttered

Or a doubt brought to light. 

Only awe, gladness, and encouragement offered. 

Somehow she knew it mattered that much to me. 

That even uttering a feather of a doubt 

Would skitter my long held hope away. 

A lesson in humility

I learned firsthand. 

Never shoot down the dreams

Of those who shore up the courage

To confide them to you. 

Thank you, friend. 


If give the chance to be
Could you live up to

The high expectations

Of being someone’s

Face it…

We all are in need of one

Whether big or small. 

To do the impossible

In our lives. 
It gives us hope to go on. 
If given the chance…

Though thinking yourself lacking

And expectant wide eyes look on

Still try to be

Greater than yourself. 

And suddenly you find

You are someone’s