Today – Jan. 16, 2016

What Season is it?

It feels like winter out today.

The season’s confusion is on delay.

I’ve laid waste to bemoaning how I think things should be

And grab hold to what is.

Who I am


and yet to be.

Are in transition.


Only beauty is beheld

In my transformation.

As I break binds.

Chain links loosed

And felled.

Wings expanse majestic and strong.









Blog Priorities This Year: Reflect Personal Goals

1. Daily Bible Insights = Seeking God Daily

2. Random Thoughts Post = Sharing More

3. Personal Moments = Be more personal and present

4. Health updates = Healthier Lifestyle Pursuit

5. Writing & Singing = Be Diligent with Talents


It was unintentionally started

By misinformation. 

Then passed on 

And ever more contorted

To fit the storytellers’ imagination. 

And finally its conclusion

Culminated with the defamation

Of character, lifestyle,

And the distorted opinions 

Of former friends. 

The subject of the rumor

Learns a valuable lesson. 

to distrust others. 

To protect oneself. 

And to ever be guarded. 

For people will have opinions

And twist truths to fit such opinions

As they will. 

People will say what they want. 

The subject be damned the consequences. 

The subject must learn to be secure

In who she is

And what she is about

And never mind what people say. 

Life’s Hue

I wonder about you.  

If you see colors the way I do?

I wonder how things taste to you?

You experience the world very different

From the way I do. 

I see colors in rays of light. 

You refuse to look in the light’s direction. 

The start of a new day is unwelcome to you

Instead of filled with possibilities as it is for me. 

I tend to flow with life’s ups and downs. 

Whilst you view life as your permanent adversary. 

I know you used to 

See love and life the way I do. 

And I pray that that view returns to you. 


Suppose it true. 

You lived only for you. 

All toil gathered

And nothing enjoyed. 

Leads to resentment 

Of life

Of work. 

For the fortunes 

You accumulate 

Must be left for another

To do with it

What you didn’t. 

To enjoy the fruits

Of your labor. 

Suppose such a man

Amassed things to himself

And leaves behind 

No wife. No son. No brother even

A lonely life such a man passes. 

And dust is his end. 


All is vanity. 

Me oh my

My how I’ve grown. All my fingers and toes have extended as I’ve lengthened. But for all the height I’ve gained, all I’ve mentally added was strain. Innocence and naivety traded for knowledge, judgment, and accountability.

Oh how I’d craved this as a youth…to be older. I didn’t know I’d grow colder. I had no idea that the world had an effect on my joy and happiness. And each year as I added another candle to my cake I’d revel and quake at the joyous prospect of my fate as an adult.

With the age comes knowledge and wisdom. With it a love of my own, one chosen and not by happenstance. And a life lived with clear direction and not one of free-floating random chance. What I wanted then is not what I want now. Me. Oh my have I grown.